How much laughter is on the set?

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Well, am I going to meet a tall, dark stranger and take a trip across the sea?

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The Giver- Alexander Skarsgård (Father)

On Father hearing music for the first time [x]

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sailor moon crystal: one gifset per episode → usagi - sailor moon (act. 1)

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Sons Of Anarchy - Season 7 - Teaser

“OUTLANDER” Chapter 4: I Come to the Castle(excerpts)

“And one day in October, yon Captain Randall came along to L-” he caught himself quickly, with a glance at me, “to our place.”

 “We’d thought they’d not come so far; the place is a good distance from the fort, and not easy to get to. But they did.”

“…I was up in the fields wi’ most of the men, for it was close to harvest, and a lot to be done. So my sister was alone in the house, except for two or three of the women servants, and they all rushed upstairs to hide their heads under the bedclothes when they saw the red coats.

“…I didna stop to ask questions. We were going round and about, and I wasna doing too poorly, for all there were two of them, when Randall came in.”

…Randall had stopped the fight by the simple expedient of holding a pistol to Jenny’s head. Forced to surrender, Jamie had quickly been seized and bound by the two soldiers.

“…He was in a black fury…”

“I couldna move much, but I shouted to her that I wasna hurt - and I wasn’t, too much - and that she was not to go with him, not if they cut my throat before her eyes.”

 “… she spat in his face. She must have done, because next thing I knew, he’d grabbed a handful of my hair, pulled my head back, and set his knife against my throat.”

 “I’ve a mind to take you at your suggestion,” Randall had said through his teeth, and dug the point just beneath the skin, far enough to draw blood.

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For peachiex because… well… she knows

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